Supervisory Control And Data Aquisition

A big name for SCADA, but essentially Programmed control for all kinds of industrial control systems. Operator monitoring stations, computer servers and SQL databases all providing historical and live data containing custom cutting edge info and programatical control of Discrete and Continuous manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Water and Waste Treatment plants and other technological and complicated distributed and vertical systems. The systems vary in size, complexity, completeness and value. We support Wonderware System Platform (sometimes called ArchestrA) now owned by Group Schneider, a long matured set of diverse software since 1990.


We carry Wonderware certification and Wonderware trained programmers and analysts in this software that can help you to upgrade, create and maintain projects that communicate with most  controllers. These software systems deliver control, monitoring, alarming and historical data storage for some of the most diverse control systems in use worldwide. But don't think a small company cannot get the same rocket science software. Wonderware scales both up and downward and can operate with as few as one server/one monitoring station or up to the limit of your imagination.


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