Simple DIY for small homes and business.

Simple : MyFox - Private DIY (No agency) Predictive alarming. Know intrusion before it happens.

Includes: 4 FOBs Siren 110dB Power backup 4 intelligent sensors: One type sensor (audiitory).

One camera (up to 8 total can be added with 2 ' distributive systems'). Ability to mix with Nest, Amazon Echo, Wink and other systems. iPhone and Android applications.


Pricing averages:

$549 System and sensors indicated above.

Includes pairing and basic setup. No installation. No support. No walk test obviously.


To add support or training call for a quote to be done.


To add additional components automatically adds setup time and become a seperate task or job. The complexity is limited by the specs of th MyFox system. Call for a custom quote. We can take napkin drawings, Home videos or professional CAD specifications. Or we get to read your mind over the phone.

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