Complex System

Complex : PowerMax Pro - sensors: 2 Window/Door sensors (MCT-302 PowerCode Wireless Magnetic Contact Transmitter), One PIR Next+ sensor (Visonic NEXT+K9 PG2 PowerG Wireless Digital PIR Detector). One Alarm Siren (MCS-720 Indoor Siren). 2 Keyfobs (MCT-237 6-Button Two-way Wireless Keyfob). Also includes the KP-160B PG2 touch keypad.


Pricing starts as a kit above and is then expanded (Numerous sensor support):

$600 System and sensors above.

Includes pairing and basic setup. No installation. No support. No walk test obviously.


To add support or training call for a quote to be done.


To add additional components automatically adds setup time and become a seperate task or job. The complexity is almost limited only by the specs of the PowerMax Pro. Call for a custom quote. We can take napkin drawings, Home videos or professional CAD specifications. Or we get to read your mind over the phone.


Complex Sensors:

Contact type - Normally closed and alarm when seperated. Used for doors, gates, windows or anything that should not move. MCT-302 PowerCode Wireless Magnetic Contact Transmitter.


MCT-302 is a fully supervised PowerCode™ magnetic contact transmitter, designed primarily for protecting doors and windows using a built-in magnetic contact that operates in conjunction with a magnet to detect the opening and closure of a door or window. This highly reliable top-performance wireless device is easy to install and operate in a wide range of residential and commercial environments.An additional hard-wired, end-of-line (EOL) protected input can be used, with normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC) pushbuttons, sensors, contacts, switches and other detection devices, for a variety of security and control applications. The MCT-302 offers an additional back tamper switch for detecting removal of the device from its place to comply with the latest European EN standards requirement1s


PIR Motion - K985-MCW K985-MCW Powercode Wireless PIR, 40' x 40' 85lb Pet Immunity. 90 degree IR type motion detectors.


Next+ K9-85 MCW is a PowerCode wireless digital PIR detector designed to enable homeowners to secure their homes while allowing their pets to move freely anywhere in the house. Employing Visonic's patented "Target Specific Imaging™" optical system (TSI) and unique pet identification software algorithm, the Next+ K9-85 MCW has an unprecedented capacity to reliably distinguish between human bodies and pets weighing up to 38 kg (85lb). Next+ K9-85 MCW is a fully supervised wireless detector with anti-collision PowerCode technology. It is compatible with PowerMax®; and all Visonic PowerCode; wireless panels and receivers. Next+ K9-85 MCW implements a whole new generation of patented technologies including FM Digital Signal Processing (FM-DSP), "True Motion Recognition"™ with Fuzzy Logic algorithm" (TMR), and state-of-the-art 3D cylindrical optics. The result is the industry's best detection accuracy, false alarm immunity and ultimate long term reliability – in an attractive, easily installed wireless detector designed for any pet-loving home environment.


Auto masking PIR (best for outdoor) - TOWER20AM-MCW Advanced Outdoor Anti-Masking Digital Pir, 40' X 40' Coverage.


TOWER®-20AM MCW is a ground-breaking, anti-masking wireless mirror detector that provides unparalleled alarm detection in outdoor environments due to the unique patented technologies it employs. It is the first detector to prevent false alarms caused by outdoor interferences, such as rain, snow, lightning storms, swaying bushes and free-roaming animals, while still providing reliable detection of real threats.TOWER-20AM MCW features the revolutionary Octa-Quad™ technology which uses eight PIR sensors, as compared to only one sensor found in other outdoor detectors. Each sensor acts as a Quad detector to accurately determine whether an alarm is justified. In addition, to further increase reliability, TOWER-20AM MCW has a robust housing and patented anti-masking protection that can distinguish between masking spray, rain and sprinkler irrigation, providing an exceptionally high resistance to vandalism and masking.When used with Visonic’s PowerMax® advanced home security system*, the TOWER-20AM MCW wireless outdoor detector provides a complete solution for the protection of the house, inside and out.


See The PowerMax Home Virtual Tour video from Visonic for for other specialized type sensors for this system.

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